‘I really enjoy my guitar lessons as i am able to play a variety of different songs and music genres, as well as my own choice of songs. Also, i can complete grade exams with confidence and the appropriate skills needed’ – Caitlin (Guitar Student)

‘Caitlin looks forward to her guitar lessons, enjoying both the academic and fun scenarios. She has gained confidence and ability under billy’s tuition and i cannot recommend his lessons highly enough.’ – Deborah (Mother of Caitlin)

‘Billy is an enthusiastic, kind and very patient teacher. He has taught me keyboard for four years and I have enjoyed my lessons so much; they have been challenging but lots of fun. Billy varies his choice of songs sometimes pop sometimes exam songs which keep the lessons interesting and lively. He is always encouraging and very helpful. He is the best!’ – Jessica (Former Keyboard Student)

‘As a mature private student of Billy’s I was rather anxious about returning to the piano after approximately 60 years. Billy’s teaching skills are very well developed. He has challenged me in the best way possible, ensuring that I feel positive about my progress and also ensuring that the piano pieces we work on are varied, at a level appropriate to my skills and that the lesson is totally enjoyable. He has made a dramatic change to my life and has ensured with every lesson that my love of music becomes more profound.’ – Clare (Mature Piano student)

‘Billy is a great and supportive teacher, he always made sure I understood what we were doing and really helped when I was going into my Piano exam’ – Hope (Former Keyboard Student)

‘Billy is an amazing teacher, and the prices are extremely reasonable for the amount of support and time he offers’ – Alan (Father of Hope)

‘Billy is an excellent, kind and considerate tutor. I was first taught by him in school and have since continued with tuition at home for approx 6 years. I have learnt many different musical skills over the years. His lessons are fun, precise, and he inspires me to practice and be enthusiastic to show my improvement to reward his time spent on me.’ – Ryan (Guitar & Piano Student)

‘Billy has been coming into my home for many years. He is always punctual, well presented and polite. His lessons are well planned and the lesson time well structured, with lots of encouragement’ – Pat (Family member of Ryan)

‘I recently returned to music having played the organ in my early teens but then gave up. I am 46 now and always yearned to be able to play piano, read bass clef, and be able to play with both hands rather than just chords as I had with the organ. Billy has listened to what I wanted and tailored my lessons and learning around that, allowing me to play a mix of modern and classical music. He is such a patient teacher! I am amazed that I am now playing complex pieces and thrilled to finally be able to play piano after all these years. Your never to old to start lessons!’ – Amanda (Mature Piano Student)