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2015 Piano & Pies Review

Another year gone and another busy one for me. Although I wanted to upload more context this year it has been a struggle due to me teaching a lot this year, but thats a good thing i guess!

Here are a few highlights of what I’ve uploaded…

    1. I finally uploaded my beijing video diary.

2. Piano covers including Ed Sheeran, Bastile, and Jamie Cullum.

3. More tutorial videos – Grow – Frances

4. Pictures! This time from my trip to Italy.

20150730-IMG_387220150804-IMG_4464  20150802-IMG_4254 20150802-IMG_4228 20150730-IMG_387220150804-IMG_4508

5. Original composition – Clashes.

6. To finish off with, a video of me smashing a guitar!


All the best for the new year,


2014 Piano & Pies Review

I’ve had quite an eventful first year here at Piano & Pies HQ including lots of content for the website. Below is a selection of 5 of my favourite posts that I have uploaded since my website started in January.

Sleepwalking – Bring Me The Horizon (Cover)

This was my first ever post to the site and my most popular Youtube video to date. It was a really fun video to make along with 3 close friends. Over the Christmas break we will hopefully be getting back together to record more songs for you to listen to on my site.Bowburn Photography

I love taking my camera out and taking pictures, and this blogpost has a few of my favourite captures of the year. I hope you like them.

20140804-IMG_2515-3 20140804-IMG_2487-2 20140804-IMG_2509-3

Abandon Window – Jon Hopkins (Piano Tutorial)

Another popular video of mine is this piano tutorial of a brilliant song by Jon Hopkins, an amazing artist. I wanted to learn how to play the song but couldn’t find any good tutorial videos online so I decided to make my own. I have two other tutorial videos, ‘Laura’ by Bat For Lashes, and ‘Farewell To The Fairground’ by White Lies.
Make You Feel My Love – Adele/Bob Dylan (Cover Featuring Lee-ann Gardner)

A great cover that myself and Lee-ann Gardner, a good friend of mine, recorded several months ago.
Seaham Soundscape (Original Composition)

Next up is an original composition I made for my Masters degree at Newcastle University. After my degree finished I decided to return to Seaham and record several video clips to show alongside the audio track.

Thanks for the support over the past year folks,


July Music Diary

July is always a hectic and busy month for me but also the most rewarding. It’s the month where school performances and Sorp* evening gigs are planned for and the push to make all of the students prepared and sounding the best that they can is well under way.20140725-IMG_2433

This year it has been my busiest as I have had several primary school vocal performances organised by schools all across County Durham. Thankfully they all went to plan and the feedback from parents and school staff was very positive. We also have had a number of bookings made for the next academic year which was great to hear as myself and the rest of the Sorp team have been working hard to promote the work we do.


My evening classes where I teach rock ensembles also had their performances and they blew me away with how well they played. A highlight was seeing a student who had been coming along to the sessions for over 7 years perform for the last time and nailing every song.


As its July it means it is the end of the academic year and I can look forward to the summer break. Although my teaching will die down for the next 6 weeks I will still be working with my private students. It also means I will be able to spend more time to provide content for my website.

I’ve recently posted a new guitar tutorial and will be looking to add a number of new videos soon. Also I have been in touch with the guys from my sleepwalking video and we are planning on making a few new videos.


Finally, I had my masters graduation this month which went really well. If you would like to see the post dedicated to that then click here.

Thanks for reading folks,


*School of rock and pop, A music education company I work for.