Chernobyl Photo Diary Part 1 of 4

Hi folks,

Here is part one of four of my trip to Chernobyl. For the second part click here.

20160803-IMG_8950 20160803-IMG_8953 20160803-IMG_8971 20160803-IMG_8977 20160803-IMG_8994 20160803-IMG_9001 20160803-IMG_9015 20160803-IMG_9035 20160803-IMG_9039 20160803-IMG_9041 20160803-IMG_9072 20160803-IMG_9084 20160803-IMG_9090 20160803-IMG_9094 20160803-IMG_9102 20160803-IMG_9103 20160803-IMG_9122 20160803-IMG_9148 20160803-IMG_9164 20160803-IMG_9176

Thanks for looking folks,

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