My Electroacoustic Compositions (Part 3)

So you’ve made it through Part One and Part Two¬†of my electroacoustic music series, well done! But there is no time for a tea-break now, we must march on and delve back into the world of the weird and downright strange.


This post features three tracks all linked together by the sounds they contain and I’ve purposefully not gone into too much detail when explaining them as…

1) I’d rather you form your own views and opinions on them without me spoon feeding them to you.

2) Even if I wanted to share the specifics of the tracks with you, I’ve completely forgotten the reasoning behind the songs as I wrote them well over two years ago, oops!

Lets get started then.

Don’t Drop The Beat Part One

This track came about when I loaned a H4N recorder with external microphones from the University music department and explored the sounds of my house. I recorded several clips that I felt highlighted rhythm over pitch such as trampling over paper, ripping cardboard, and hitting tupperware. I then edited them all together later in Pro Tools to create the track.

An interesting point is around the 1 minute mark where several sounds combine and create an illusion of rain hitting against a window. At least that’s what the combination of audio clips sounds like to me, would you agree?

Don’t Drop The Beat Part Two

Part two continues on with the focus on rhythm and timbre when I rub two cups together as well as roll drum sticks against my front door. All of the sounds appear very dry which I enjoy.
I Dropped It

The final part in the trilogy is a combination of the audio from the previous two tracks. I repositioned and edited them to produce a new track to see how they would fit together. Originally I wasn’t wanting to keep hold of the track but the more I played with it the more I enjoyed it.

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