2015 Piano & Pies Review

Another year gone and another busy one for me. Although I wanted to upload more context this year it has been a struggle due to me teaching a lot this year, but thats a good thing i guess!

Here are a few highlights of what I’ve uploaded…

    1. I finally uploaded my beijing video diary.

2. Piano covers including Ed Sheeran, Bastile, and Jamie Cullum.

3. More tutorial videos – Grow – Frances

4. Pictures! This time from my trip to Italy.

20150730-IMG_387220150804-IMG_4464  20150802-IMG_4254 20150802-IMG_4228 20150730-IMG_387220150804-IMG_4508

5. Original composition – Clashes.

6. To finish off with, a video of me smashing a guitar!


All the best for the new year,


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