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2016 Piano & Pies Review

Hi folks,

Another busy year teaching my way across the North-East. I’ve been into more primary and secondary schools than ever before alongside teaching over a dozen private students. This meant that videos and music uploaded to my website has been more steady than in previous years but I’ve got many new projects lined up this year to keep you in the loop as to what I’m up to in 2017. Here is a selection of things I’ve done this year.

Love Yourself (Cover)- Justin Beiber

Me and a few friends got together to record a cover of Love Yourself by Justin Beiber, I’ve known these guys for a long time and always enjoy playing with them.

9th November 2015

This is an original composition I originally made in 2015 but eventually got round to uploading it in 2016.

Chernoybl Photo Diary

In the summer I went for a guided tour of Chernoybl, Ukraine. It was a fantastic experience that few people get to do, Hopefully I will be releasing my video diary of my time there very soon.

Dawanglu (Original Composition)

Another song that I wrote which I thought I’d record live.

Testimonial Videos

I recorded two videos of students of mine where they answered questions and played songs that we had been working on during our lessons.

Thanks for looking folks,


The Billy Blog: 29th October 2015

Hey folks and welcome to a new blog series!

If you don’t know much about me then let me give you an idea… I am a super secret spy working for the FBI and on top of that I am a part-time supermodel so things are rather busy for me at the moment.


Ok, maybe that’s a little too unbelievable, however the one truth is that I am certainly very busy.

In fact since the schools have started in September I’ve hardly had any time to sit down and come up with new content for my website. This is all due to me teaching in 17 schools per week across several counties in the North of England. This means I don’t get much chance to go out with my camera, or record any music, or anything else. And I never like to upload half-arsed content which looks like a 5 year old could have made it.


So I’ve decided to make new types of content that I can create during term time that requires a lower amount of work as well as all the usual content which I can make during half term. Basically more content for you, yay!

Consider this to be the first in a (hopefully) monthly installment of update blogs where I discuss everything that I’m up to whether its musical, teaching, photography-ing, eating pies, eating more pies etc…

Thanks for reading folks,


2014 Piano & Pies Review

I’ve had quite an eventful first year here at Piano & Pies HQ including lots of content for the website. Below is a selection of 5 of my favourite posts that I have uploaded since my website started in January.

Sleepwalking – Bring Me The Horizon (Cover)

This was my first ever post to the site and my most popular Youtube video to date. It was a really fun video to make along with 3 close friends. Over the Christmas break we will hopefully be getting back together to record more songs for you to listen to on my site.Bowburn Photography

I love taking my camera out and taking pictures, and this blogpost has a few of my favourite captures of the year. I hope you like them.

20140804-IMG_2515-3 20140804-IMG_2487-2 20140804-IMG_2509-3

Abandon Window – Jon Hopkins (Piano Tutorial)

Another popular video of mine is this piano tutorial of a brilliant song by Jon Hopkins, an amazing artist. I wanted to learn how to play the song but couldn’t find any good tutorial videos online so I decided to make my own. I have two other tutorial videos, ‘Laura’ by Bat For Lashes, and ‘Farewell To The Fairground’ by White Lies.
Make You Feel My Love – Adele/Bob Dylan (Cover Featuring Lee-ann Gardner)

A great cover that myself and Lee-ann Gardner, a good friend of mine, recorded several months ago.
Seaham Soundscape (Original Composition)

Next up is an original composition I made for my Masters degree at Newcastle University. After my degree finished I decided to return to Seaham and record several video clips to show alongside the audio track.

Thanks for the support over the past year folks,


October Music Diary

Yet another busy month!

I’ve been teaching in 9 schools across County Durham and Newcastle during term-time this month which included a stressful week of performances for my ensemble classes. Thankfully they all went to plan and I was chuffed at how well the students played.20141031-IMG_3440

Last week I agreed to work with a music company who wants me to deliver instrumental lessons across three schools in County Durham. I’m really pleased as I have been wanting to do more teaching and this is a step in the right direction.

I’ve also invested more time and money into a mini home studio in order to compose my own music. Ontop of this I have had positive feedback from a game developer who wants to use some of my music in their upcoming game (Wooo!). I’ll keep you posted on further developments.


During the half-term holiday I’ve been making more content for my website which includes Part Three of my electroacousitc music compositions, as well as new piano tutorial video for ‘Laura’ by Bat For Lashes.
The pictures scattered across this blog are from a recent trip to Richmond with my mam and dog. Stay tuned as I’ll be posting the full set of pictures next week!

Thanks for reading folks,


September Music Diary

Back to business! After a lovely August away from teaching that consisted of a nice holiday to Beijing and North Korea (Video coming soon!) I’m back to the grind of teaching. This year seems to be the busiest yet with me going into 9 schools spread across the North-East of England on a weekly basis teaching instrumental and ensemble skills to primary, secondary, and college students.

I’ve also added to the growing number of private students who I teach which is great news as I love working 1-2-1 with people who really enjoy playing. If you’re interested in piano, guitar, or music theory lessons feel free to drop a message here.


Outside of teaching I recently released another composition of mine that I made for my degree along with a video, if you missed it you can view the video below or check out the blog post here. In other areas I have took a small break away from photography as I’ve struggled to find time to take my camera anywhere nice, however I have been working on a new composition that is roughly 70% complete that I will be sharing with you in the next few weeks. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

That’s all for now folks, thanks for reading.